Great New! I’ve Been Offered A Business Deal Via Email…

(In response to the comments I’ve gotten recently asking how the deal went please note that I posted this because I thought it was the most ridiculous email ever.  I did not make a deal with him and neither should you!!  And its sad that I have to write this disclaimer!)
Check out this little gem arrived in my inbox this week:
Dear Sir/Ma,
Happy New Year!.
I would like to intimate you on the possibility of your company partaking in the
on going Tender bid for the Supply of your product to Iraq.
The product are to be supplied in large quantities, to 18 Iraq Government
Protectorates (Provinces).
I will be acting as your middle man in Iraq to submit your Company
biding information’s to the Task Force Command Office in Iraq.
I am currently on board of the contracting command Office for Economic
Development in Iraq and with my connection, I am quite
Confident of securing approval for you to supply your product.
I want you to note the issue of different financial regulations between
Iraq and your country. As such you will be paid 100% through the Iraqi
Ministry of Finance upon the approval of your quotation and Invoices before
you commence supplies.
When you’ve received the payment, we would be expecting a monthly supply,
as the sum budgeted for this Tenders is quite enormous as to outstrip your
capacity And capability to supply. A consideration also is that your quotation must
be CIF Port of Umm Qasr (or the Jordanian Port of Aqaba).
I will reveal more procedural information to you upon your receiving the
acknowledgment of this proposal from you.
Best Regards.
Yours Sincerely
Nabeel Salman Kadhim.

Your Personal Brand

Twitter is a great example of personal branding.  There are thousands of individuals with personal websites that feature their interests along with their career accomplishments.
I remember hearing a seminar a while back in which the speaker speculated that in the future we would all have our own personal website based on our personal name, perhaps even being assigned at birth.  His dream was that this would be the way we would communicate with each other in the future.
Our personal brand is evolving daily, increasing in value as we continue to educate ourselves and gain experience.  Part of adding value to that brand is marketing it to the world.  What better way to do this than through our own blog, website, or networking medium.
Perhaps the future will feature employers searching the web for candidates instead of applicants searching for the right employer.