Dream Job Radio – Returning soon!

It’s been a long sabbatical for the dream job radio show. Producing the show took a lot of time and energy away from the entrepreneurial ventures Leah and I have been involved with over the past several years. However recently, we found out that the dream job radio show is very popular on iTunes, producing over 20,000 listens. 

Through much thought and discussion, Leah and I have decided to bring back the show within the next two months, because of the overwhelming interest and demand in our show and in great need for entrepreneurial information and advise. The cool thing is, we plan to focus the revamp completely on how to help entrepreneurs start businesses  here in the United States and all over the world. 

What better way is there to give back to the planet than to help the many entrepreneurs in the United States and the many other wonderful countries throughout the world, than to give detailed advice on how start, grow and run small businesses in all of our respective economies throughout the world, by interviewing successful business owner that will share their tips and tricks on ways to start and run a thriving, successful businesses!

The new format will focus on audio only recording since most listeners are utilizing iTunes as their listening format. In addition, for now  it will be a monthly format instead of the previous weekly show because of the time involved in production. Our goal is a premium quality resource for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

A popular salutation in the United States is “take it easy” but for now I will end this post by saying, “work hard and enjoy your success!”


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