I’ve Been Busy!

So obviously my blog has taken a backseat the last few months to some other ventures. In short – I’ve been busy! But I’ve gained a ton of experience to share! So some good posts will be coming shortly. To summarize what’s been keeping me busy —

My roofing sales business had its best month ever in June and we have already done more sales to date than all of last year. This has been due to a combination of reasons including the manufacturer broadening our product base and 2 large projects that I’ve worked on for 3+ years coming to fruition. Roofing material sales has a very long sales cycle at times but it’s awesome when hard work from the past is finally rewarded.

I’m also part of a very exciting beverage startup based in Austin, Texas. The business is a 4 way venture with one of my best friends and 2 of his high school friends. At this point it’s still too early to reveal the exact product but we’re hopeful to have trademarks done within the next 60 days. My goal is to dedicate a lot of future blog posts to the formation, marketing, and production aspects of the business.

And I’m dabbling in 2 other startups currently. Another beverage company and a commercial real estate venture.

Lastly I’m halfway through my last accounting class needed to finally get my degree. Yes that’s right like most entrepreneurs I had way too many ideas to actually make it all the way through college. But finishing is a goal I’ve had for a very long time. Although it’s been a struggle to make time for it I’m very happy to be finishing this class.

So that’s whats going on with me — what’s going on with you? What ventures are you excited about starting?

2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Busy!

  1. Congrats Danny! This is what I knew you always had in you but I was so pissed you kept it bottled in. I wish continued happiness and even greater success for you and Leah.

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