The Lost Art of Delegation

One of the most critical yet hardest things to do as an entrepreneur is delegate. But delegating isn’t regulated to just large tasks like hiring someone to answer phones. Delegating can show up even in small things. For instance many times I receive phone calls while in akward situations like climbing a ladder or driving. I recently started asking people to email me whatever they’re asking for on the phone. The email will be seen by my assistant and many times it’s something they can handle for me anyway. Plus I have all the contact information for the person that called without having to write anything down.

Another way to delegate is through online virtual assistant forums. Recently we started using both Fiverr and ODesk for everything from link building, SEO and web design to designing logos and business cards. These sites are perfect for startups and entrepreneurs that may not have the cash flow to hire someone full time to help out.

Now I know lots of entrepreneurs that are afraid to hire someone to help. Either they feel the person will leave later to start their own company or somehow defraud their business. Although these are both valid concerns I feel the benefits of hiring great people outweigh these outcomes.

Do you believe in delegation? How are you delegating in your day to day business?

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