Check In

I remembered FourSquare this week.  That makes 5 apps I must check in on via iphone every time I go to eat.  Yes I said must.  Yelp, Facebook Places, Gowalla, FourSquare & Twitter.  I must because I can’t miss the opportunity to network.  Maybe my review on Yelp will bring you into Trifecta on 3rd (my favorite bourbon bar in the world.)  Or perhaps being mayor of Whole Foods on FourSquare will make you want to read my blog.  It could happen.  Maybe it just did.  But seriously why isn’t there an app that combines all of these GPS check ins into one simple press and click button?  I barely check in before my appetizer comes and my beer is cold.  There must be a simpler way.  And no I will not just eat without checking it.  That would be preposterous!

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