Bar Lamar

An interesting sight sprung up in Whole Foods recently.  The neighborhood bar.  Right there in the wine section of several area Whole Foods Markets.  At first I thought people will never hang out in a grocery store- right? Especially with the myriads of other cool spots in Downtown Austin and Dallas.  Then I sat, I drank, I hung out. And now I’m hooked. Except so is everyone else.  I literally can’t find a seat anymore at our neighborhood store. So what do I do instead?  Buy a 32 oz growler for $5.99 and fill it with delicious beer.  Refill it anytime for around the same $5.99 depending on what style you chose.  Enjoy the taste of freshly tapped microbrews for the next 3 days for a fraction of the cost of a bottle or pint elsewhere.  The best part?  Fill up your keg and head up to the roof for Friday night Sunset Theater.  Meet new friends and share the love.  My hat is off to you Whole Foods for being brave enough to put a bar in a grocery store and now reaping the rewards.

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