“There Is So Much Mad In Me” review

First let me start by saying I am officially renaming Austin to “Awesome”  This week is Fusebox Fest – a hipster art, music, film & dance festival featuring all the best quirky artists from around the country.  Featured in the festival was a free 3 night performance of NYC choreographer Faye Driscoll’s “There Is So Much Mad In Me.”

I begin my review by saying everyone involved in the production was extremely talented.  Particularly did this talent excel in the acting segments of the presentation.  I believe it was Faye Driscoll’s mission to make the audience feel uncomfortable, which was accomplished.  However I failed to carry any sort of message home.  There was no real theme just a blending of odd awkward dance moves with even more awkward audience interaction.  This included a scene in which one of the dances walks around the crowd yelling to “Get the F*** down!”  Surprisingly one audience member even complied, making us all the more uneasy.  But yet no message attached.  What were we supposed to fear?  Making us feel fear just for the sake of it seemed immature or even childish.

In the end the glimmers of amazingness failed to shine through.  Sadly if this show hadn’t been free I would have demanded my money back.

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