Social Networking Works!

Tonight I’m laying in bed with a terrible headache but forcing myself to follow back my recent twitter followers.  Is it an addiction?  Does social networking even work?  Yes!  I made a great connection and exchanged links with Nick from Tech Nick Tips.  Not only did I gain a follower and fellow entrepreneur I also found a fantastic post on Nick’s blog.  Check out the 10 Minute Social Networking Routine.  I know you’ll find it as good as I did!

One thought on “Social Networking Works!

  1. Thanks for the link Daniel! I'm glad we connected, and I was able to find your podcast. If you're reading this comment and haven't checked out Daniel's Podcast yet, you should definitely do it now. Makes long car rides less boring :)That's really what I'm focusing on now with twitter (and I would recommend markers who use twitter try this) take a break from trying to broadcast with the masses, and make a real connection with one new person every week. It's been working well for me so far.-Nick RosenerTech Nick Consulting

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