Updated: After TSA Screening

As I mentioned in my other post last week I am a very frequent traveller taking more than 100 flights a year.  I frequently decline body scanners to avoid additional radiation and have never had a problem.  Sunday was different.  Leaving Indianapolis first of all the elite line was longer than the regular line (strike 1).  Then stepping up to have my id scanned this TSA agent kept glaring at me next to the girl marking my id.  It got to the point it was uncomfortable.  I’m not sure what I did wrong but he definitely thought it was something.  Stepping up to the xray machine I’m told to step through the scanner.  Not one other person before or after me was asked to go through them except me and my wife.  Weird.  So we decline.  I then got the pat down and wow is it revamped.  I’ve never had a dude grope me quite like that.  He was a nice guy and everything it was just really awkward.  It took about 10 minutes and we were through.  I wish I knew what I did that was so suspicious so I could avoid doing it next time!  I did have to feel for the TSA agents though who are receiving an unprecidented number of people avoiding the scanners.  And after yesterday’s report on NPR stating that the machines shoot up to 15 times more radiation than they were rated at I would hope even more people will avoid them.

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