L.A Film Festival

This year we got to check out the last two days of the L.A Film Festival at City Center downtown Los Angeles.  The vibe was great with the World Cup just beginning everyone piled into the ESPN Zone to grab a beer.  Even though the U.S.A lost it was still a good time hanging out and drinking Guiness at 10 a.m local time.  After the game we headed over to pick up our tickets.  It was a little confusing as to where we needed to go to get the tickets.  It ended up being in a tent on the top of the parking garage behind the AMC theater.  We also got special VIP wristbands for being American Express cardholders.  Getting in line about an hour early we met lots of cool locals and ended up getting great seats right in the center for Sundance favorite Secrets of the Tribe.  So the movie was good – although really disturbing in its detail of how various anthropologists have studied South American natives.  It had lots of controversey and great cinementography.  Afterwards I really wished we had stood in line for Despicable Me as I was ready for a pick me up.  But we had to get back to Long Beach for another trade show. 

Incidentally it amazed me that the train drops you right off downtown at City Center and is a straight 45 minutes shot from Long Beach.  Yet very few people ride it.  Pretty sad for a city that claims to be so environmentally consious.  I realize there are dangers involved but in the 5 days we were in L.A we went around the entire city and had only 1 incident occur around us (which is a whole ‘nother blog post believe me!)

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