Mill Street in Toronto

The Distillery District just east of downtown Toronto is filled with unique artwork and beautiful renovated pieces of history.  Included in the maze of buildings is the Mill Street Brewery.  A lively atmosphere awaits against the backdrop of gleaming brew tanks.  We sampled nearly all the brews which is saying a lot with over 14 on tap at the time we were there.  Our favorites were the Organic Ale and the Coffee Porter with a special nod to the Lemon Tea beer for being one of the most innovative I’ve tasted.  The food was good with the Thai mussels being delicious although the onion rings were disappointing.  All in all it was a great experience in a wonderful spot with fantastic bartenders and wait staff.  It wouldn’t be our first taste of Mill Street as they seem to be the most popular beer in the city and showed up at nearly every venue we attended during the NXNE music festival.

You Need An Ipad

As I’m tapping this post out on my brand new iPad I can’t help but want to sign my name ala Captain Kirk. My initial impression was why do I need an oversized iPhone but that transformed quickly into being impressed by this unique piece of technology. Let’s start with the few downers:
1) No camera? Is this 1995? This was the one major down side and has kept me from giving up my net book for Skype.
2) Unfortunantly the wifi connection can be a little tricky. Mine cycles almost every hour and in areas where my iphone has full signal it only has half.
3) Price Dont kid yourself anything less than 32 gigs is pointless. I loaded a fraction of my video data and it was nearly full. Couple this with apps, music, podcasts and you’re done.
Now onto the too many to number pros:
1) HD qua,ity is brilliant reading a boom anywhere else just won’t do.
2) Barnes & Noble and Amazon Kindle are available as apps
3) Karate Kid game need I say more?
4) Email and web browsing have never been easier
5) Go to meeting app lets you easily complete webinars on the go
So what’s your favorite thing about the iPad? Please share!