“The Collapse of Distinction”

Scott McKain recently spoke at our Duro-last Sales Seminar in Tucson, Arizona on the subject of  “The Collapse of Distinction.”  I would be failing my readers to mention his keypoints in my blog as his presentation was outstanding.  Most heartwarming was his story of his parent’s grocery store in rural southern Indiana, not far from where I grew up in Indianapolis.  When a major grocer moved in Scott’s parents felt threatened but didn’t budge.  Good customer service and a connection tot he local community helped them stay in business. People liked them.  They were different. What makes our business different?

The more our customer knows us the more they take us for granted.  We must romance our potential clients like we romanced our spouse.  Commit to make a difference.

There are four cornerstones to distinction.  Clarity of message.  People must recognize in a brutally brief session what makes us different from our competition.  Creativity.  Thinking outside the box and developing  our difference.  Third is communication.  How we tell our story is as important as what our story is.  Lastly s experience.  What is the transaction like for our customer?  Create the ultimate customer experience.

Everyone hurts – don’t miss the good stuff.

If you get a chance visit Scott McKain online and find out where he will be next.  This guy is an awesome speakers, and I’m not just saying that because he’s my fellow Hoosier!

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