Thanks For Wasting My Time!

Just to provide a little pep in your day I’d like to share a hilarious interchange I recently had via chat with a website “help” representative.  Names have been changes to protect the ignorant innocent.
Customerebay user

Initial Question/Comment: Completing a Transaction
15:51:10 SystemSystem
Thank you for contacting eBay Live Help!
15:51:10 SystemSystem
Agent P. has joined this session!
15:51:38 AgentAgent P.
No problem. Would there be anything else?
15:51:48 CustomerEbay User
Hi, I just sold this item as a local pickup and have a question about payment. The buyer wants to pay me in cash because they say their paypal account is messed up.
15:51:54 AgentAgent P.
Hello, thanks for waiting and welcome to eBay Live Help! My name is Cyrus. Can I have your first and last name please.
15:52:02 CustomerEbay User
Sure its Ebay User
15:52:54 CustomerEbay User
I want to know if it ok for me to accept cash for the item instead of paypal even though the auction is closed. How do I mark it as paid if I do it this way?
15:54:00 AgentAgent P.
I see. It would be a pleasure to help you with this problem.
15:54:08 CustomerEbay User
15:54:46 AgentAgent P.
Are you now on your sold items?
15:55:16 CustomerEbay User
15:55:46 AgentAgent P.
15:56:01 AgentAgent P.
Are you seeing now the item that was paid by the buyer?
15:57:10 CustomerEbay User
what? no the item has not been paid for yet. That is my question. The buyer wants to use a different payment method than I have as an option and I want to know if it is ok to accept the alternate payment and how to mark it paid once I have payment.
15:58:42 AgentAgent P.
What payment method that the buyer is asking you?
15:58:49 CustomerEbay User
16:00:03 AgentAgent P.
I see so he want it to give you in cash.
16:00:08 CustomerEbay User
16:00:28 AgentAgent P.
Is he going to send the money through what method?
16:00:39 CustomerEbay User
we are meeting in person and he is going to give me cash
16:01:25 CustomerEbay User
if that is ok with ebay that is
16:01:48 AgentAgent P.
Actually it will not allow the system
16:02:25 CustomerEbay User
ok so it is against ebay rules correct?
16:02:44 AgentAgent P.
So even he paid it in cash. It won’t let you mark that item as paid. That’s why we have payment methods for both buyer and seller to have protection.
16:03:12 CustomerEbay User
Ok that is what I was asking from the beginning. thanks
16:03:47 AgentAgent P.
No problem.
16:03:55 AgentAgent P.
Would there be anything else.?
16:05:14 AgentAgent P.
I suggest that you asked him to pay

Super Mario Bros for Wii

Have you ever had an undeniable craving for 1986?  Flock of Seagulls anyone??  Imagine taking the best of the 80s and updating it for current day use.  Whalah – Super Mario Bros for Wii!  Beloved characters & plots in 2-D style make this game easy enough for near baby boomers yet still cool enough for generation X & Y.  Everyone is back including Mario, Luigi and, my personal favorite, Yoshi.
The best part about the game is up to 4 players can play simultaneously.  Although this should be attempted with the warning “someone will get mad that you jumped on their head and knocked them off a cloud.”  The only complaint?  The game is too new to find good cheat codes online!  Otherwise it is completely worth every bit of the $49 pricetag.