Movie / Series Review “Caprica”

SyFy premiered the pilot for their new Battlestar Galactica series Caprica this weekend at the Austin Film Festival.  It has a distinct movie feel and played very well to the story loving AFF crowd.  The series is set prior to the popular remake BSG on SyFy that recently finished its run.  For those of us who remember growing up with the original BSG its much easier to connect with this series because we see the sylons in their metallic form.  The storytelling was fantastic and the cinematography is very artsy.  Also impressive are the lead roles played by vetern actors Eric Stoltz and Esai Morales are played exceptional as if each actor had been in the role for some time.  No expense is spared in the outstanding sets and digital effects.  All in all I expect it to be and outstanding success.

DJ Hero for Wii Review

DJ Hero, sure to be the hit video game of the season, rolls onto the shelves this week.  Our pre-order copy arrived last night.  Immediately obvious is how small the box is.  For some reason I had invisioned a Rock Band drum set style set up complete with legs.  Instead DJ Hero consists of a three feet by one feet plastic box.  Following the instructions I insert the Wii remote into the designated area.  It doesn’t fit.  Apparently at some point the mold shrunk and my remotes cord will not hide away within the device.  I have to leave off the cover to make it work which affects little but the aethetics.
On startup the game is easy to navigate.  The tutorial is short yet gives an excellent overview of how the game works.  Within 10 minutes I’m hitting every beat on the easy setting (one above beginner).  It took only half an hour to unlock the special Jay Z mix.
Over all the appearance and workings of the game are excellent.  There is a lot more going on with the turntable to master than on guitar hero.  Yet it’s not as difficult as the drums on Rock Band.
Another surprise was that the Guitar Hero guitar is able to be used with the turntable in the game which is very cool.
All in all we give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Movie Review “Floored”

“Floored” is a documentary that premiered at the Austin Film Festival today and will have a follow up showing Tuesday night.  The subject matter is one that has grown all to familiar after last year’s financial meltdown – traders.  However the angle of the film is not to vilify these individuals Bernie Madoff style, but rather to tell their story.  Director James Smith brings these colorful characters to life and expertly reveals their flaws as well as unique personalities.  The story examines the rich history of floor trading on the Chicago Exchange and what happens when technology begins to change everything.  Faced with the prospect of leaving the pit and trading on a computer some veterans must leave the career they love.
Floored delivers the education you’d expect with a documentary along with the humanity that is often missing.  This was better than several documentaries we saw at SXSW.  I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys independent film.  Be sure to look for it at the next film festival you attend and check out the official Floored website.

Outdoor Jobs

My overwhelming most popular post of the blog was a post from last year on the best outdoor jobs in outdoor magazine.  That leads me to conclude that many of us long to shed the confines of the cubicle for the friendly outdoors.  I’ve put together this list of other website that will help you in your quest! – blog about various outdoor jobs – premier outdoor jobs recruiter – national park service permanant, temporary & seasonal jobs – rock climbing jobs – work abroad link
I hope this makes your online quest shorter so that you may enter the great wild outdoor workplace soon.