Upgrading to Snow Leopard Review

My upgrade to Snow Leopard went like a dream on my MacBook Pro.  Downside I can no longer scan from my HP Officejet 6310 but I’m sure they’ll have new driers soon.  I’m not really noticing anything different other than aesthetics so far.

My wife however just about had a nervous breakdown.  She’s had an old iMac (with the round base.  Yeah that old)  for a while and I’ve been asking her to get a new computer.  So she finally agreed and picked up the 24″ new iMac.  Wow that is a ridiculously large screen.  So she starts it up, throws in Snow Leopard for what is basically a clean install.

She hooks up the old computer via firewire (not easy because the new Mac only takes firewire 8 so you have to get a 4 to 8 connector at the Apple store.  Best Buy does not carry it!  We learned the hard way.)  Everything looks good.  She tries to print and can find the network but not the printers.  She calls Mac.  They say drag the printer over and hook up via USB then it will work wirelessly.  This does not work.  We try new drivers.  This does not work.  We uninstall Snow Leopard and go back to Leopard.  Everything works fine.  We drag the files over from our time machine (which takes a firewire 8 to 8 connection.  another $39 at the Apple store).  We reinstall Snow Leopard.  The printers do not work again.  We call Apple again.  They cannot help.  We un-install Leopard and leave it alone.

So basically using the new iMac to print with Leopard is better than not printing with Snow Leopard.  I’m thinking its something about the immediate upgrade but its pretty puzzling.  Moral of the story?  Apple should have Snow Leopard already installed when you buy a new computer.

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