Humanities (from a college essay)

Just a little something brief from old Intro to Humanities.  Comments appreciated!

Understanding the humanities is an important part of developing ethical reasoning because it allows us to be moved by someone else’s work of art.  The fact that this course is a prerequisite for a business degree is very important because it provides this ethical foundation for reasoning.  Traveling around the world was one of the greatest experiences of my life and allowed me to take a glimpse into the lives of other people in less developed countries.  As a result of this travel I have more compassion for people in difficult circumstances and a broader view of life.  In addition, my experiences as a first generation American helped me realize the trials and tribulations facing immigrants that come to our country.  These experiences cause me to view the humanities from a viewpoint that many are not able to experience.  My grandmother had a phrase that she repeated on many occasions, “Nothing is easy.”  This was her viewpoint as a person who lived through perhaps the worst war in the history of mankind.  I am an optimist so I don’t like to say that something is not easy.  I feel any of us can accomplish whatever we wish if we are determined enough.  However we all need a dose of realism in our lives and meditating on the history of other cultures helps us to have just that.  Everyone can be touched by a work of art.  Whether it be film, music, architecture, paintings, or sculptures, art can change our lives.  As we look to the future of our world, art gives us hope that someday we will all be able to understand each other and perhaps peace can be a reality.

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