IPhone 3GS Review

This morning we braved the non-line at the AT&T store to pick up the new 3GS.  So far the phone seems to have all the most important features and I’ll take  a moment to list my favorites:

1) VIDEO – As a former Treo user I’ve been disappointed for years that we didn’t have this feature on the iphone.  It works great and with 1 click upload to youtube its extremely simple to use.

2) COMPASS – For next time we’re lost hiking in the Alps this app comes standard.

3) SEARCH – This feature was also part of the 3.0 upgrade available for all iphones.  Simply scroll to the left and a search screen appears.  Basically similar to the Mac spotlight feature it comes up with the best results based on everything on your phone, even emails and contacts.

4) CALL LOG – A new update to the call log that I saw immediately was that under the names it tells where the call originated.  For instance “City, State”

5) VALUE  – At $199 for the 16 gig its a steal.  If you haven’t purchased a new phone in the last 18 months sign up now.  If you (like me) purchased the original 3G last year it gets a little more tricky.  Check out this FAQ from CompuWorld to get the low down on your AT&T options.

One thought on “IPhone 3GS Review

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