Shrek The Musical On Broadway

While in New York City for Book Expo America we took time out to see Shrek The Musical.  Here are some brief notes of interest:

#1 TICKETS are available online at up to 1/2 off  retail via a lot of websites.  I bought mine on and needed 2 more the day of the show.  We went to the box office about an hour before the show and bought 2 more with the same discount which was really cool.  The screen at the box office showed our tickets at $225 and we paid $90.

#2 SEATING If you’re in the first 5 rows (A-F) you are right up on the stage.  So close that it is almost an obstructed view.  Believe it or not the best seats in the house are up top in the front.  One set of our tickets was row E center and I felt it was still hard to see everything going on.

#3 MORE SEATING The characters spend a lot of time stage left so you get very up close and personal however Shrek runs down the aisle on stage right at the end which is very cool for that side of the audience.  Depends on if you want a big moment or several small moments.

#4 REVIEW The show is very funny even for adults.  Actually there are a few double-meaning moments that are borderline inappropriate.  It sticks to the original movie pretty well and all of the actors are fantastic.

#5 DON’T TAKE PICTURES.  SERIOUSLY. The couple in front of us were from Toronto anc celebrating their anniversary.  During the intermission they wanted me to take their picture.  This resulted in a rush of security guards and threat of expulsion.  I talked them down with my charm but still highly recommend you leave the cameras in your bag!


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