NYC Short Film Fest (a few months late)

I know I know, it’s been almost 5 months since the NYC Shorts film festival that ran convienently during IFC week in Manhattan. I just had a few moments tonight to recap the Program A portion of the event which we had the honor of attending in September.

First off, the location was nice although small. Everyone was extremely friendly and there was definantely a good buzz through the event.

We arrived late and akwardly watched half of THE ELEVATOR which was definantely not the best movie to miss the beginning. If you see if you’ll understand (and probably laugh your head off.)

Up next (if memory serves me correctly) was ON THE ASSASSINATION OF THE PRESIDENT which was well filmed but somewhat predictable. Then the very cool animated movie called HUNGU.

After a very long feeling ROADMARKERS [KESTOMERKITSIJÄT] came the two festival highlights.

First up RATTUS was a well filmed and edited documentary dealing with various individuals who love to have rats as pets. I personally voted this film festival best. giving slight leaning to the fact that the director was in the audience and was a local NYC guy. In the end it took home best documentary honors.

Last up was the French film TONY ZOREIL [TONY ZEAR] It is the amazing tale of a man born with humongous ears. It was funny laced with a human spirit story of overcoming prejudice. The object was well achieved in making all viewers self analyze how they view those who are not the social norm. This was the ultimate “must see” of the entire night.

Overall it was a terrific festival made all the more special by the great staff. We were very happy that we made the trip to the upper west side to catch the action and hopefully we’ll be there again next year.

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