8 Hours At Sundance

Today was our 8 hours of fun at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.  First off, the surroundings are absolutely beautiful.  Snow capped mountains, beautiful cottages & ski slopes.  I put together a list of what we learned:

  • Park in the $20 lot 1 block from Main St.  Why walk 2 miles to save a buck?  Time is important.
  • Head to the ticket office first or if at all possible buy tickets online before you arrive.  (NOTE: After 8 p.m they release extra tickets to the next days sold out shows.)
  • Watch Amereeka!  It was fantastic
  • Give yourself lots of time between movies.  It’s only 2.5 miles to the Raquet Club from Downtown but that is a 45-60 min bus ride!
  • Arrive early to get good seats.  I’d say 30 minutes is a good mark.
  • Interact with the cast and crew after the shows.  It makes the story that much more memorable and interesting.
  • Eat early or at weird times to beat the crowds.
  • Bring or buy a bottle for water.  There are no plastic bottles of water available in an effort to reduce the Sundance carbon footprint.
  • Have business cards to connect with people, especially with blog and twitter info.  There are so many awesome people that you’ll want to stay in touch with later.



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