8 Hours At Sundance

Today was our 8 hours of fun at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.  First off, the surroundings are absolutely beautiful.  Snow capped mountains, beautiful cottages & ski slopes.  I put together a list of what we learned:

  • Park in the $20 lot 1 block from Main St.  Why walk 2 miles to save a buck?  Time is important.
  • Head to the ticket office first or if at all possible buy tickets online before you arrive.  (NOTE: After 8 p.m they release extra tickets to the next days sold out shows.)
  • Watch Amereeka!  It was fantastic
  • Give yourself lots of time between movies.  It’s only 2.5 miles to the Raquet Club from Downtown but that is a 45-60 min bus ride!
  • Arrive early to get good seats.  I’d say 30 minutes is a good mark.
  • Interact with the cast and crew after the shows.  It makes the story that much more memorable and interesting.
  • Eat early or at weird times to beat the crowds.
  • Bring or buy a bottle for water.  There are no plastic bottles of water available in an effort to reduce the Sundance carbon footprint.
  • Have business cards to connect with people, especially with blog and twitter info.  There are so many awesome people that you’ll want to stay in touch with later.


Twitter Up A Job

In recent months I’ve become more and more fond of the micro-blogging platform Twitter. So for those of you who are still reading blogs like this please check it out although I’m warning you now it is addictive!
Now for the point of this post. There are some great job opportunities on twitter! How can you get started? You don’t have to even sign up for an account to view some of these options. I’ve put together a brief list of some of the best job listing “Tweeters” right here for your convenience:
@authenticjobs a blend of nationwide tech jobs
@tmgjobs a CUSO that works with financial institutions nationwide
@Libgig_Jobs – Library jobs
@usmusicjobs – jobs and advice for the music industry

@dconstruction – want a construction job in beautiful Dubai? Here you are!
@juicyjobs – UK based green jobs
@skydiver – always has great opportunities to share!

Check Out DimLit Daylight While There Is Time…

Last weekend Josh & Anthony from DimLit Daylight were kind enough to come out and perform at my book release party in Austin.
DimLit Daylight


We hadn’t heard them live in almost a year but we’ve lived off their cds. These guys are truly amazing! One of our favorite parts of their show is their Jack Johnson-ish version of Justin Timberlake’s “My Love.” I describe them as a modern version of The Cure. They will be famous so I beg everyone if they come to your town be sure to check them out now before their shows are $100 tickets!
I’ll upload video from the show as soon as possible but until then here is some old film from YouTube.


Optimism is described as “an outlook on life such that one maintains a view of the world as a positive place.”  Some would call this naive.  But there is no doubt that having a positive outlook leads to a happier life. So why are so many people negative?
It’s easy to be negative and cynical. Instead of trying to change for the better, a negative individual embraces the bad things about themselves with open arms. Instead of viewing others accomplishments with pride and respect, a negative person inwardly curses another who has out accomplished themselves.
What’s the harm in optimism? A few extra wrinkles from smiling all day? strange looks as you skip down the street? These are minor when compared to the amazing advantages of waking up everyday and saying something positive in the mirror.
Optimism takes work. It means rewriting ingrained habits that we may have had for years. It means overcoming the negative influences of so called friends. Most of all it means change.
But change is good!!