Pictures From Oni-Con

Our Oni-Con experience was cut short due to an emergency dental repair but we still made some unforgettable memories.  Some of which are shown below.  The Oni-Con staff was outstanding although the Hilton Americas has a long way to go …

Your Personal Brand

Twitter is a great example of personal branding.  There are thousands of individuals with personal websites that feature their interests along with their career accomplishments.
I remember hearing a seminar a while back in which the speaker speculated that in the future we would all have our own personal website based on our personal name, perhaps even being assigned at birth.  His dream was that this would be the way we would communicate with each other in the future.
Our personal brand is evolving daily, increasing in value as we continue to educate ourselves and gain experience.  Part of adding value to that brand is marketing it to the world.  What better way to do this than through our own blog, website, or networking medium.
Perhaps the future will feature employers searching the web for candidates instead of applicants searching for the right employer.

Job Star

The public library has long been a sactuary for those in need of professional services.  You can read, listen to music, print & use public computers.  Now they’ve put together a website designed to help with your job search.  It’s called Job Star and it’s simple but nice.
Probably the most useful part of the website is the salary guide.  Clicking through a few of the industries, it seemed to provide fairly accurate and beneficial information on a large variety of career fields.

Great Intership Opportunities

A great way to get a headstart while still in school is with internships.  This gives you the chance to find out what a career field might be like before taking the big plunge of making it your permanent career.  It is also a great way to meet contacts that will be benificial in the future.
There are some absolutely amazing internship opportunities out there.  Many are available at the website.  Some are paid and some aren’t but all offer valuable experience that you can’t put a price tag on.  Besides, who wouldn’t want to work at Nickelodeon?
P.S  if you tweet follow their opportunities daily.

Oni-Con Houston

We’re finalizing plans on a booth for Oni-Con this weekend in Houston.  They had one available last week so we’re hoping its still there …. It is North American’s largest anime convention with over 12k visitors last year.  Hopefully we’ll be able to network with the comic book community and make some great contacts.  If you’re going to be there stop by and see us!
UPDATED:  Please check out our pictures from Oni-Con & share any that you might have as well …

Vocation Vacations

Browsing through ways to spend my Hilton Honors points accumulated on the road this year I stumbled across an intriguing concept.  Vocation vacations are offered to individuals who want to take a spend in a new career field.  Some options available are:  Actor, Book Store Owner, Bike Shop Owner,  Fishing Guide, Guitar Maker, a Pro Wrestler Commentator, and a TV producer, just to name a few.
You can pick your “dream job” and, for a modest fee, be mentored by an authority in the industry.  So browse away and pick your favorite career!