Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams

Throughout the last year as I’ve traveled across the United States talking to people about their dream jobs.   One constant fact has overshadowed all the individuals we’ve met.  Everyone has dreams that they’re not ready to give up.   I’ve met amazing people nationwide who have awesome talents that they want to share.  Most importantly, they are enjoying the journey to get there. Busting with life and ambition, their faces light up when I ask “so what’s your dream job.”

Today at my hotel I met a front desk girl who wants to be a radio DJ and a valet guy who wants to be a screenwriter.  They’re full of life and energy.  These people are everywhere, on every corner, just waiting for their big break.  There is no doubt in my mind they will accomplish they’re dreams.

Don’t give up your youth no matter how many people tell you to fit into their mold.  Cling to your dreams like a life raft and they will be accomplished.

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