How Your Online Identity Impacts Your Job Search

The internet – what a wonderful adventure! We can be who we want to be, say what we want to say all without worry as to someone thinking we’re crazy or weird. No doubt people say things online that they would never say in real life. But today more than ever our identities are identifiable even when they’re created online hidden behind delightful user id’s.

Highlighting just how dumb some people are, here is a great excerpt from a very funny article from ABC News

Tim Poindexter, a community manager at, a Denver-based Web community for those with disabilities, recently had to retract a job offer from an entry-level candidate who proved to be a LinkedIn liar. Shortly after extending the offer, Poindexter Googled the new hire and found that his assistant-to-be’s LinkedIn profile had been updated to include a nonexistent position at Disaboom — as Poindexter’s supervisor.

I guess the moral of the story is that the email address you use says a lot about you as does your MySpace & Facebook profiles that might be linked to it. Choose wisely!

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