Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams

Throughout the last year as I’ve traveled across the United States talking to people about their dream jobs.   One constant fact has overshadowed all the individuals we’ve met.  Everyone has dreams that they’re not ready to give up.   I’ve met amazing people nationwide who have awesome talents that they want to share.  Most importantly, they are enjoying the journey to get there. Busting with life and ambition, their faces light up when I ask “so what’s your dream job.”
Today at my hotel I met a front desk girl who wants to be a radio DJ and a valet guy who wants to be a screenwriter.  They’re full of life and energy.  These people are everywhere, on every corner, just waiting for their big break.  There is no doubt in my mind they will accomplish they’re dreams.
Don’t give up your youth no matter how many people tell you to fit into their mold.  Cling to your dreams like a life raft and they will be accomplished.

Want to attend MIT for free?

Whats the point in attending college if you don’t get the credit? Ok, so that is a valid point. However I respond that it is for the knowledge. Isn’t learning supposed to be about more than just paper? Either way, check out MIT’s online resource center featuring exams, lectures & videos of most of their courses. At the very least it will give you something to talk about at the next dinner party.

Click here for MIT Free Online Courses

Find a Job Through Social Networking

When we hear the words “social networking” it immediately inspires images of MySpace, Facebook or YouTube. All of these can help you network, however nothing can replace the friendships you make through real life experience. Your “real life” social network can give you all the leads you need to find a job. The best networkers call, email, or text their contacts weekly. Its called “friendship.” Get good at developing friends and you’ll never be without for long. One of the truest statements made to mankind is “it’s who you know.” However it may be even more accurate to say “it’s who your friends know!”

Professional Career Profiles

When we brainstormed for ideas on creating the website one idea that really stood out was to have various successful individuals provide career profiles in order to help people educate themselves on jobs that seemed appealing to them.
Like many great ideas, however, its already been done by others much more successfully.  For now we’ve decided that instead of clogging the web with more of the same, we’ll make these links available so you can check out innovative sites that have already put together fantastic career profiles.  Enjoy!
Career Cruising – pay to use site thats about $400 per year with unlimited licenses per location.
Job Profiles – free site that offers several paragraphs of information on various careers.
Graduating Engineer – free site offering articles on different types of engineering fields
Majors & Careers – free site describing college courses needed for various career fields
Monster Career Advice – popular job search site has its own career profiles.  Not highly detailed.

How Your Online Identity Impacts Your Job Search

The internet – what a wonderful adventure! We can be who we want to be, say what we want to say all without worry as to someone thinking we’re crazy or weird. No doubt people say things online that they would never say in real life. But today more than ever our identities are identifiable even when they’re created online hidden behind delightful user id’s.
Highlighting just how dumb some people are, here is a great excerpt from a very funny article from ABC News

Tim Poindexter, a community manager at, a Denver-based Web community for those with disabilities, recently had to retract a job offer from an entry-level candidate who proved to be a LinkedIn liar. Shortly after extending the offer, Poindexter Googled the new hire and found that his assistant-to-be’s LinkedIn profile had been updated to include a nonexistent position at Disaboom — as Poindexter’s supervisor.

I guess the moral of the story is that the email address you use says a lot about you as does your MySpace & Facebook profiles that might be linked to it. Choose wisely!