Hurricane Dolly update

It’s been a busy week and we’re still recovering from Hurricane Dolly that ripped through the Rio Grande Valley on Wednesday.  Worse than the wind damage has been the ever rising flood waters that spilled over canals and the loss of power.  Our house was fine with no damage, but the news was not as great for many of our neighbors.  Here are a few pictures of the flooding in San Carlos that spilled over the canals:

Want to Make Your Résumé Really Stand Out? Add Video!

Would you like to make your résumé really stand out? Add video!
How much does it really cost to create a video and attach it to your résumé? DVD’s are now less than $1 and there is basic video editing software on virtually every computer. Make it a short 30 second to 1 minute introduction to your background that will grab a prospective employer’s attention. Even if the interviewer doesn’t view your DVD, you’ve no doubt made an impression few others would have tried.
Don’t have a DVD burner? No problem! Another idea is to follow up your résumé or interview with an email containing a link to a video from your blog or website.
Here are some examples from YouTube – (kind of long) – (don’t imitate this one 🙂