Has technology made us smarter?

While driving down the highway this week this thought came to mind.  As questions entered our daily conversation, we could instantly google them on our phones and within seconds know the answer.  20 years ago we would have forgotten the question before we could get home to look them up in an encyclopedia, if we even had one.  But today information is as readily available as ordering a pizza.  Shouldn’t that make us smarter?  And although Wikipedia has been called by many the “worst encyclopedia in the history of mankind” it does at the very least lead us to the right path of finding answers to our ever so important questions. Besides, shouldn’t everyone know the definition of the word crass?!?

One thought on “Has technology made us smarter?

  1. Wikipedia is great. I think we are smarter because of the internet. But at the same time we don’t have the same drive to learn things earlier because we know we can always look it up and find out the answer later.

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