Are blogs still relevant?

After a few days at the book expo one underlining theme seemed to be woven through the various marketing breakout sessions: Internet presence is neccessary. However to what extent are blogs still relevant? On a daily basis we visit perhaps 2 -4 blogs to catch up on whats going on in the world. Granted there are times when advice on resetting our iphones to touching up photos has pulled up via google but still how many blogs can a person read in one day? Let alone provide good feedback for? At this point is this blog still necessary or is a there a better way for people to get their message heard in the world.

One thought on “Are blogs still relevant?

  1. Have been pondering the same, but must admit it’s a good way for foreigners living in a new country to not only connect, but get first-hand impressions of what visiting the country may be like. More trustworthy in many ways than even alternative travel guides like Lonely Planet cause there’s no alterior (at least paid) motive involved.

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