Want to increase your site hits? Try the William Shatner bump!

An interesting phenomenon occured recently on my blog. My hits jumped significantly after one seemingly completely unimportant post. This was mirrored in the hits to my flickr photo page to which I had recently uploaded photos from the Book Expo America in L.A.
What was the reason for the sudden interest in my posts? Had I jotted down the cure for cancer or some other world changing event? No, I had posted a picture of William Shatner signing his new book for me at the book expo! Interested swelled on this particular post.
So if you need more hits to your website or blog, get a photo with a celebrity and achieve the “william shatner bump”
The most popular person on my blog

Why are all the best bands not on the radio?

Sitting in the Hilton hotel in Midland, Texas, this week we discovered two of the best bands I have heard in a very long time.  After buying their albums, it struck me that much of the music was better than anything I’ve heard on the radio in some time.   Why is there still so much undiscovered talent in the world while so much garbage in the mainstream?
The conclusion we made is that so much of popularity is about marketing and so much about marketing is knowing the right people that can make things happen.  Inevitably this is the deciding factor on who makes it and who doesn’t.  Still what a fantastic life to tour the country doing what you love regardless of fame or fortune.  Make these guys a little richer by visiting their sites and listening to their music, you won’t be disappointed.

Has technology made us smarter?

While driving down the highway this week this thought came to mind.  As questions entered our daily conversation, we could instantly google them on our phones and within seconds know the answer.  20 years ago we would have forgotten the question before we could get home to look them up in an encyclopedia, if we even had one.  But today information is as readily available as ordering a pizza.  Shouldn’t that make us smarter?  And although Wikipedia has been called by many the “worst encyclopedia in the history of mankind” it does at the very least lead us to the right path of finding answers to our ever so important questions. Besides, shouldn’t everyone know the definition of the word crass?!?

Outdoor Magazine Best Jobs for 2008

Couldn’t help but read the articles in Outdoor Magazine when I saw it in line at the grocery store. Fits in perfect to our mission to help people find the career of their dreams. This is a great list for outdoor individuals with some great careers and advice on how to land them listed.
One of the jobs stood out so much I picked it for this week’s career of the week on the front of the 30careers.com website. Enjoy!

Riding Public Transportation

As we do in all major cities that we visit, we took the public transportation while in Los Angeles over the weekend. It was clean, safe, on time, and an altogether wonderful experience. I met a fantastic screenwriter whose name I’ve forgotten, a schoolteacher from Houston, a construction worker, two older Russian ladies, a British couple, and a host of other wonderful people.
Still when I asked at a coffee shop where I could pick up the subway the girl said she was from L.A but had never ridden the subway in her life (with a bit of a subconsciously patronizing tone I might add).  What a pitty that so many people are missing out on this mind awakening part of our culture.  Lets bring back the train and make it cool again!
Help by sharing your wonderful train/bus experiences and perhaps some of your nightmares as well.

Are blogs still relevant?

After a few days at the book expo one underlining theme seemed to be woven through the various marketing breakout sessions: Internet presence is neccessary. However to what extent are blogs still relevant? On a daily basis we visit perhaps 2 -4 blogs to catch up on whats going on in the world. Granted there are times when advice on resetting our iphones to touching up photos has pulled up via google but still how many blogs can a person read in one day? Let alone provide good feedback for? At this point is this blog still necessary or is a there a better way for people to get their message heard in the world.

William Shatner and mingling with the stars

We were hear to learn and make contacts in the book industry (which we did) but the added bonus was the star power that came out to promote their works of art. In particular the highlights were
FOR LEAH: Robert Kennedy Jr & Rick Pitino. Both seemed extremely tired and a bit bored however they were courteous as ever and as personal as possible considering the times they probably flew in and got to sleep the night before. As an added bonus I said hi to Rick again when he was jogging on Sunday morning.
FOR DANIEL: William Shatner – No doubt one of the longest lines of the entire show, Captain Kirk was a gentleman and a class act. He signed with amazing speed in order to accomodate the large crowd. Definitely worth the wait in line!
For more about what we actually learned stay tuned 🙂
William Shatner